Chelsea Magracia, Miss San Diego 2016

Welcome Miss Contestants!

On behalf of the Miss San Diego Scholarship Association thank you for your interest in the 2017 Miss San Diego program. The Miss San Diego Committee is committed to the development and advancement of each participant’s personal development, educational advancement and in furthering the goals and vision of the Miss America Organization.

Who Is Miss San Diego

This Miss San Diego Pageant & Scholarship Association (MSDPSA) is looking for a young woman who is confident, poised, intelligent, honest, hard working and compassionate. She must possess good communication skills and be adept at making others feel comfortable in their company. Our titleholder should be active within the community, a role model for others, self-motivated and a gracious hostess and guest.

The young woman chosen to wear the crown MUST be prompt to all scheduled appearances, meetings and appointments. She must exhibit courtesy and respect to all members of the Miss San Diego, Miss California and Miss America Organizations. They must maintain the level of dignity and decorum that the position implies and represent, at all times, the Miss America Organization’s core values of Style, Service, Scholarship and Success.  You will become a public figure.

As a titleholder, this young woman must:

  • have educational goals and a community platform that she is involved in.
  • must possess an eagerness to accept the responsibilities of becoming a representative of the County of San Diego as a priority to other social functions
  • be a strong young woman who believes in herself and is confident in her goals for the future.

Job Description and Expectations

The young woman & teen who are selected as San Diego’s representatives will be expected to attend community events, coordinated with the Miss San Diego committee. It is the expectation of the titleholders that they will seek events they would like to participate in throughout the year that are geared towards their platform and interests. In addition, there will be events coordinated by the committee that serve groups affiliated with the MSDPSA. It is the goal of the committee for our titleholders to be self-motivated for their passion with their platform.  Miss San Diego & Miss San Diego’s Outstanding Teen should attend at least two appearances each month although she may attend as many as she would like over that.  Our titleholders will be responsible for attending Miss California Orientation in April 2017, and competing at Miss California in the last week of June 2017, in Fresno, CA.

The titleholders will also be expected to participate in “prep meetings” with the Miss San Diego committee and sponsors the committee has partnered with for Miss California preparation. Our titleholders will be expected to attend all scheduled appointments with all sponsors, be on time for appointments and respectful to all people involved with the pageant preparation committee.

Judging Criteria

Please note:  Scoring percentages have changed in 2016.

1425478_989144727796824_7153865598017315687_oPersonal Interview: 25% of overall score

For interview, you should have something that you would wear to a job interview. We recommend either a dress or suit. You may select any coordinating shoe which complements your attire. During this 10 minute interview, the judges are looking at the overall first impression of the contestant, validated opinions and responses in context, personality, intelligence as well as poise and the overall ability to fulfill the obligations of Miss San Diego.



Talent: 30% of overall score

All contestants will need a talent “outfit.” It should coordinate with your talent. Your talent can be no longer than 90 seconds. All props used must be provided by the contestant and you must be the only person on stage during performance. The judges are looking at the contestant’s technical ability as well as their performance presence and totality of all of the elements (song selection, voice, props, choreography).




Evening Wear: 15% of overall score

You will need an outfit that is appropriate for an “after five” social event with coordinating footwear. This should be a long dress or other formal attire. Please remember to wear something age appropriate. The judges are looking for someone with the attributes of a Miss America, poise and confidence, sense of attractiveness as well as beauty and charm.



 img_7260-2Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimsuit: 10% of total score

You may choose between a one or two piece swimsuit. NO thongs, sarongs, micro-suits, or skirt cover-ups! A taupe/nude color non-platform shoe is recommended. Swimsuit attire must be approved by the MSDSPA committee. Please bring your swimsuit attire to rehearsal for approval. If you have any questions, please ask a committee member.  Many contestants ask about Tattoos.  Miss America has a history of being conservative, however, we are seeing more and more contestants on the Miss America stage with tattoos.  It is your choice to cover them for competition. The judges are looking at the contestant’s statement of strong physical fitness and health, as well as energy, charisma and confidence.


11406755_989151484462815_1342202654417222918_oOn-stage question: 20% of overall score

This will take place on stage while wearing your opening number outfits. Judges are looking at the contestant’s ability to respond on “their feet,” listen and respond accordingly to the question and maintain a level of relevance when speaking to their peers.



To be eligible for competition for a local Miss America competition, you must:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen (You must provide a copy of your Birth Certificate)
  • NEVER have been married or have had any children
  • Live, or work in San Diego County for a minimum of six months
  • Have completed at least two full quarters of a local school
  • Be able to show proof of one of those three qualifications to compete
  • Be at least 17 years of age & a Senior in high school
  • Not be more than 24 years of age on December 31, 2017

Other Rules:

  • You may hold only one title at a time.  If you currently have another title, please talk to the Executive Director.
  • No two contestants can have the same talent music. Talent selection is done on a first come, first serve basis. We advise you to get your music and paperwork in early.
  • Your attendance at the rehearsals is mandatory.  If you cannot attend, it must be cleared with the Executive Director.

Ready to Register?

Click HERE for a link to the Miss California website to register to compete for Miss San Diego.  You must fill out the Form 101 to start the registration process.  On this page, you will also be able to download all of the paperwork you need to submit for competition.

C26924d3_CMNH_Signatures_050310hildren’s Miracle Network

All Miss San Diego contestants must also register for Children’s Miracle Network  To attend the 2017 Miss San Diego Dress Rehearsal on January 18th and compete for Miss San Diego,  you MUST be QUALIFIED with CMN. Click HERE for information on how to register.




DECEMBER 21, 2016

All forms & talent music must be submitted by this date




The Miss America Organization’s contestant age eligibility requirements are based on a calendar year, not a competition cycle, and remains unchanged. In order to be eligible to compete in a local or state competition, a contestant cannot be older than twenty-four (24) years of age on December 31st the year she could be chosen to represent her state at Miss America.  You must be 24 years of age or less on December 31, 2017 to qualify to compete in 2017.