Miss San Diego Court

(from L to R) Kirstin Roberts, Sofia Silva, Spenser Franco, Chelsea Magracia, Danielle DiLorenzo, Elyse Goin, Christin Hunt, Stivani Athnniel, Mallory Murphy (photo by Ken Lee)

  Miss San Diego 2016

Chelsea Magracia

$500 scholarship, $100 Talent Award, and a trip to Miss California in Fresno!

1st Runner Up - Danielle DiLorenzo

$300 scholarship

2nd Runner Up - Spenser Franco

$200 scholarship

3rd Runner Up - Elyse Goin

$100 scholarship & $100 Interview Award

 Miss Congeniality - Christine Hunt

Certificate and a gift

Facebook Favorite - Kirstin Roberts

$25 cash

People's Choice Award - Christine Hunt

$198 cash

Director's Award - Mallory Murphy

a gift from the Director


Miss San Diego's Outstanding Teen Court

(from L to R) Amaya Duncan, Cassandra Shellum, Breann Brown, Thalia Bendorf, Jena Mafnas-Serrano, Angela Arce


 Miss San Diego's Outstanding Teen 2016

Thalia Rose Maigue Bendorf

$250 scholarship, $100 Talent Award, and a trip to Miss California's Outstanding Teen Pageant in Fresno, CA!

1st Runner Up - Breann Brown

$150 scholarship, $100 Interview Award, & Miss Congeniality